It is hard to decide….

Sidney # 2

I’m not poking fun at the Penguins but I could not pass up the opportunity.

The Penguins were working out at U of O today. On the way to my car after the gym some were shooting the puck around.  Most were on the soccer field stretching and throwing a football around.  Sidney included.

Should the caption be “Bueller? Bueller? Crosby? Crosby”

Or “Yes Sidney you are excused.  Is it #1 or #2 this time?”

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Just two quick items…

Makita 18v drills are on sale Thursday (tomorrow) at the Home Hardware on Bank Street in the Glebe.  Drill, two batteries, charger and case. $89.00.  It’s a 5 year anniversary sale for the store. Regular price at Home Depot is $199.00.  Home Depot price for a replacement 1.5v battery is $79.00. The President says it’s a really, really good deal.

There will be a limited supply.  Store opens at 08:30.

Makita 1

On another note, Prince Phillip has retired from public duties.  Wonder if running a methane factory with your family counts as public or private?

My Grade 6 graduation ceremony is late June.


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There are even Willy Bags

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Too tired to write, but maybe a short poem.

Home from Stowe.

Will write tomorrow.

Not a haiku.

But the best I can do.

The end.

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It has been a while…..

Since I’ve lost a race from weather.

Arrived at 06:00 in rain.   Was not the first to arrive.  Much debate. Went for a lap at 07:15.  Hard to find the lift.

At the summit it was tough to see the run with the fog and sleet.  The start is maybe 150 meters from the lift and that was hard to find.  Vertigo was at the ready but I did not tip over.

The forecast called for worsening weather. It was a short Jury meeting to call the day.  Only thing I got out of it was a wet butt from riding the lift.  Most folks took an early departure to the race series at Sunday River.  Me? Still hanging around waiting for some info from the FIS.  So, another salad at the Grand Hall with all my friends.

Lunch at the grand Hall 

Hard to leave.  The people here are so nice it is just like a large Mont Ste-Marie. 

Or a HUGE Vorlage.

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Today was awesome….

Not a word I use often, if at all.  Bluebird. World Cup.  Only thing missing were the TV towers and air fences.  We only used one slipper – with limited activity.

We had two jury positions to cover the entire course.  The Referee stayed in place but the COR and I switched around so one of us could roam. Gave me a chance to thank all volunteers.

Spoke with a peer TD about the need to establish an on-hill presence early in your career.  She asked what hers was .  My answer – “Don’t mess with me and don’t even think about it.”  That was my answer.  It has served her well. 

I asked her about my on-hill persona and was a bit surprised by her answer.  Was expecting a…hole, tyrant, jerk or any other word with a similar intonation.  She only said one word “CRAZY”. 

So much for using my newly found social skills.

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It’s Sunday and we have two races down….

And two to go. Yesterday we swapped out a GS day for a Slalom day so we could get a race off.  25 cm of new snow on Friday night.  This is not powder.  It is wet monkey snot. Knee surgery snow.

Igor, the Chief of Race spent most of the night in the cat.  I checked the snow at midnight and 02:30 from the motel and reported for duty at 04:30.  Igor thought I was there to check on him, really I just could not sleep. 

Race was done by 13:00 followed with results up by 13:30 then off to the Grand Lodge for a fresh caesar salad.  Admirable work by all.

Today GS.  Soft snow that required a lot of tendering.  Two athletes stopped by me part-way into the 1st run.  I chastised them for taking an extra inspection until they explained that were the first of the athlete slippers.  Took it all back, entertained them for a bit and sent them on the way.

One self-declared sanction that completely surprised me as no one had witnessed any infraction.  He hiked and apologized.  Very nice kid. 

Yesterday five course crew were working a hole and all of a sudden there was a racer in a speed suit shoveling like mad.  Never seen that before.

And the poor kid from yesterday who straddled and continued.  Had the Finish Referee send him up to me after his last run through the finish.  The poor kid had to suffer through a long chairlift ride anticipating our meeting.  A ten minute ride to the principal was punishment enough.  We chatted a bit and I’m pretty sure he will remember today.

Tonight it turns cold and we race GS tomorrow.

Wish I’d brought a ski jacket.

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