Why do Net Monkeys get to have all the fun?

Maybe because they are really, really good? Here they are installing an A-net pole dangling from a helicopter.

Watch the video.  The voice off camera belongs to El Supremo and Chief of the Minions.  I do believe that being referred to as minion is a compliment.  If it wasn’t, it is now.

2017-10-17 (4)2017-10-17 (3)


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Ottawa 2017–MIWATE at Chaudiere Falls

Hey.  Miwate in Anishinabe, the language of the Algonquin people means “Dazzle by light and fire”.  This is a fabulous presentation at historic Chaudiere Falls in the heart of downtown Ottawa.  Straddling the Ontario – Quebec border, this nightly presentation until November 5th is a must-see Ottawa 2017 event.

For the last few nights I’ve been volunteering, first as people counter, then as a traffic control (until the incident with the traffic cones) and last night, Information Officer at the entrance.  They never should have let me loose. 

To slow traffic through the red light, I’d step into the intersection and pretend that my clown horn was a radar gun.  It seemed to work.

Image result for miwateAndy MiwateImage result for clown horn

In other newsworthy events, the National Post is now reporting on WADA out-of-competition testing.

Oh.  Right-hooked on Sussex yesterday that resulted in a full endo.  Somehow, and never to be replicated, landed on my feet.  The cyclist behind me awarded a 9.40 on the dismount.  The bruises on my quads are now out in full colour. 

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Monitor and utilize industry best practices…

Even if hard to find in an urban environment

Swung by Hartwell’s Locks on the Rideau Canal yesterday to compare notes with the Parks Canada Lockmaster on animal crossings.  The two locks are adjacent to the Dominion Arboretum and Central Experimental Farm.

Comparing notes, I explained our four openings at Lake Louise and the importance of tracking nocturnal animal attendance and movement. He explained to me why closures are more important than openings in his particular situation and the ramifications of opening all the locks at once. 

I get it.  No animals but lots of water.


Hartwell Locks (3)Hartwell 2 (2)

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Things I can do while driving …

Without being distracted.

So many bad drivers, How about increasing the cost for distracted driving?  Fines just don’t seem to work.  Let’s go with a 24 hour road-side suspension plus the impound cost.  That may do it.

There’s lots to do behind the wheel.  Drive.  Yell at bad drivers just for fun. Listen to music. Solve three month-old unfinished crosswords with you subconscious mind.  Wave to people who yell out your name.  Eat a cob of corn.

Most important, listen to your phone ring in the back seat.

And in other news – pickles pickled and jerky marinating.

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We are almost at Thanksgiving Day

Turkey is at the ready to be stuffed, but no cranberries to be found at the grocery store.  Where’s Blake Johnston, Alpine Nova Scotia’s Officials Chair, known as the Cranberry King, when he is most needed.  Apparently up to his whatever in work.


Wonder who we know in gravy business? Or can I rely on the jerky marinade with the ghost and red scorpion peppers? The stuffing is a given.

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If you find Chuck Norris offensive….

Best to skip by this one.  However, should you like some good skiing, may be another reason  to skip.

Me, I just look at the safety…



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So now we know the meaning of dotard.

Can you wait until I’m out of earshot?

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