Bromont again, another good day of racing

Sunday the men ran GS and women ran SL. Women ran smoothly both runs and we were finished racing before noon.

Men took a little longer but the hill was cleared by 14:00. Slipping the heavy snow end of day, I was looking to go to the Leg Bank to take a loan for a new pair today.

Today men race SL and the high of 8 C yesterday and a low of –4 C overnight could make for a lot of scampering and shoveling.  The crew here is certainly up to the task.  I don’t scamper that much these days but my wayward shovel has been located.

Much passion around ski racing here.  The early load is fully subscribed and post-race the clubhouse is slow to empty.  Beverages, snacks and Les Canadiens on the big screen TV.  Lots of laughter and good company.

There were no personal mishaps yesterday as my jump over the Wyoming fence was clean – no tumble resulted. Will not be pressing my luck today as the dye guy is drawing a blue line for me from the top of the chair to the start.

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Geez. Another 06:30 load today.

Fabulous day of racing at Bromont yesterday.  The ladies slalom race was full of confidence and athleticism.

With sun and temperatures above 0C, 1st run started at 09:00 and was done just after 09:30.  Shovel work was at a minimum.  2nd run started at noon and we wrapped everything before the 12:30 men’s start.

During the 2nd run my shovel was only there to support my body weight.

The day had an auspicious start with a ride around the bull wheel.  Puts me one up on next year as I usually only manage two per competition season.  Oh, and losing your hat on the chairlift conveyor belt does not count as a juggable although I’m pretty sure that losing your lift ticket at end of day does.

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Bromont and another 06:30 load

It will be 9 C by afternoon, but right now it is just plain dark.  Two Super Series races today; ladies run slalom on Coupe du Monde and the men run giant slalom on The Waterloo.  At the same time.  Side by each as it is said around here.

Both are extremely tough hills.  Tough at the start, in the middle and especially tough towards the finish.

Those that are racing here for first time are in for a surprise.  I am still surprised every time I ski down one of these runs.

Tonight is Nuit Blanches which means bands at the base and skiing until 02:00 am.  Won’t see me out there.

Well, off to the races.

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Well, it is a sad day for Canada

I was going to write about the travails of having 45 cm in the driveway and in the streets, but Stuart McLean passed away today.

This is the loss of a national treasure and those that could not imitate his cadence are few across the country.

Many stories told, I use as best I can the nuances of his voice and tenor.  The pauses, the stammering, my stories are all affected in his shadow but seem to do his character justice and serve me well as I work towards the climax.

So the next time I say “Remember the time” or “So” and start to ramble remember Stuart McLean.  There is always a point to a story.

We will miss you.

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Controversies and Protests

Generally I try to avoid them, or at least make an effort at a preemptive strike.

For protests I try to buy the affection of on-hill coaches.

It started years ago, delivering beef jerky and sunflower seeds to coaches’ corner.  It has evolved to really hot home-made beef jerky, really hot home-made beans and now spicy home-made dill pickles.  Water and Pepto-Bismol – I sell at at cost.

I have absolutely no intention of making shine. That is best left to others.

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Oh boy….

More on FIS UNI races.

They are so much fun.  To start the TC meetings are brief.  Call the nations, clubs and the board.  Program for the Day summarized.  Draw.  Post to Live-Timing.  Go home.

Inspection, race, reset, inspection, race, TC meeting, results. groom, night set.  Repeat.

Not even time for a crossword puzzle.

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Mont Ste-Marie. Sunday and home.

Morning came early, clear and crisp.  Race trailer by 06:45, load at 07:30.  Not a big crowd at that time of day.

Women and men ran fast in the first run; course reset and then the weather hit.

While Jury was inspecting the snow started.  We started on time but the race went into slow-mo as the snow accumulated to 15 cm by 3:00.

Well managed by course crew; the track ran fast and safe.  The racers that should have won did.

Done by 15:00, results uploaded by 15:30.

Highway home was clear but Ottawa streets had 30 cm’s.  Got stuck in the driveway but thank goodness for all-wheel drive.

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